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Roder LTD.


The company professionalize in furnitures imports that designs chairs which suits Every space if it's an apartment or an office - you name it, we have it.

Litterless to say, with the latest trends in the interior-design world.


Brand identity


Roder LTD.


Roder LTD.

The Challenge

Developing eCommerce website for family-business it's a challenge and the fact that the 

company has never sold directly 

to customers but only through retail stores (B2B), that’s the main because it challenges the

reliability between the customer and the website users.

The Solution

At the beginning, visual brand identity was designed in order to set and understand the DNA of the brand. With using colour palette, we created a warm, family  and yet classy, calmed and stylish environment. Next, I created an intuitive eCommerce site for every user who buys products online.

The website was designed by using a built-in and strict design system to emphasize the qualities and classiness which i wanted to show. The key principle is to position the company as a company that is updated on all the new trends and collections and therefore, I chose to display this category as part of the menu.

Making the user a precise and punctilious journey and allowing him to be exposed to as many additional products as he could buy was very important to me. The project enriched my knowledge of the eCommerce sites and allowed me to explore this fascinating field. I think that the connections in the websites to the products they are offering for sale is the most important. 

category main.jpg

The Website

roder LTD. wanted a design platform with clean and professional essence, thay want to design a site with value of knowledge about interior design and spaces

product page.jpg

Used minimalist shape to design the product to keep the style modern and classic

Our story.jpg

minimalist shape, 12 px grid with classic fonts- for clear and classic feel

image 8.png

Next project

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