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Bank Hapoalim

2019 - 2020

Bank Hapoalim is one of the biggest banks in Israel, every bank has its own field of the investment market and it receive a lot of money from the commissions and operations of its users. Bank Hapoalim's investment market site was not designed or renewed in 10 years.





Bank Hapoalim


Bank Hapoalim

Trade One

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The Challenge

Refresh and visually renew the platform unlike the current site which is outdated and inaccessible.

Most of the changes are new features and 

Execution of orders in UX processes that are recognized in the capital market systems that exist in other banks systems that exist in other banks.

We want to give our users option to see many information and this is the reason that we show many windows at the same time and compare stocks

Artboard Copy 10.png
Artboard Copy 8.png

 Following on from the process, we created 3 top personas and they are:

  1. The broker who does a lot of operations during a business day.

  2. The average person who is not knowledgeable about trading in the investment market and wants to invest the money

  3.  A person with basic knowledge of the capital market and investing moderately

Then, following the research we did, we began to characterize the screens. We decided to focus on MVP in the first two personas and allow them to perform operations more conveniently from now on. We noticed that the requests had increased and that's why we decided that we were changing the "site" visibility to a "dashboard" one. The next stage of the design will be accessing the platform for lightweight investors and creating a more minimalist platform.

Artboard Copy 9.png
first image 2.png

Dashboard map

the main goal of dashboard is to built system for professional investments, below is the sitemap of dashboard

image first.png


image 5.png
image 5.png

We took inspiration from the stock markets, environment analysis, a lot of screens and realistically numbers that change every second.

The Challenge

The initial decision was for the upcoming mvp - creating a platform for the proficient investors in the capital market. Along with the initial decision, another decision was made and its the creation of a "dashboard" system to allow multiplication and screen adjustment for users. The main desire was to allow users to customize the screen they would like to see, each of the investors we spoke to clarified the main field after which they 'follow' as investors.

The initial product we received  from Trade One, which provides many companies with various adjustments to the investment dashboard. Along with the product and the user-tested we did, we started to build initial platform characterization. The characterization included the main screens that the bank wanted to deploy to users. The characterization then touched on the user's portfolio and portfolio analysis to provide solutions to the weaknesses of the current site. 

In the early phase, we started designing to allow the product manager to see the initial structure of the new dashboard, and In parallel with the characterization process and adaptation to the changes made in the characterization, so is the design. In the design process, we noticed that the more information (even if relevant) the content is more busy and less "light”. In an effort to make it easier and more fun to the design, we used beautiful and human illustrations to make users feel more comfortable.

The design challenge was to produce a definite and clear design system, keeping in mind the small details and matching the other products that belong to the Bank's capital market area. 

The main challenge was to design the same visibility but at

the same time to produce a more distinct design system.

It is important to note that each of the screens is dynamic in terms of its distribution.


Fun and friendly illustrations to provide empathic for users, we want to give users feeling of happy investment



Simple icons line that give white space all over

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Next project

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