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Eventu is a global online platform for tickets in the leisure area such as events, Summits, lectures, meetups, etc. Eventu company was created to encourage users to Make spontaneous purchases and to let users all over the world to know new places.




App design




Adir Shalom

The Challenge

The main work is to create a reliable platform which renews and communicates with end 

Users, the platform needs to speak at eye-to-eye level and allow users to "discover" new events.

The question remain is how do you design for both local and not local users?

The Solution

image 5.png
image mockup.png

First, the fact that this is a platform that allows you to search for events, conferences, lectures, etc. around you should show the search above it all. therefore, you can search for events that are close to you from every page in the app (beside payment and the event page). The idea is to create some kind of “world” for the specific town/city you’re at therefore, we integrated illustrations which represent the local and familiar places.

Also, most of the work was on segmenting the categories to allow the user a convenient transitions between the nature of events he was looking for. This segmentation was a key idea for making "more spontaneous" purchases. Second, it's about working on the personal area that each user of the app has, the synchronization with the other users and personal management options by a calendar that organizes the events for which you booked tickets, the option to send invites to your friends and to share your experience from the events you went to.

Working on this area was very challenging and allowed me to design and characterize certain areas that rely on apps that many of us use everyday such as Instagram, Calendar (iOS), Facebook Messenger and more.The inspiration I received from those apps allowed me to make it easier for users by making them feel like they were in a familiar place.The part I am very pleased with is the ability of the app to sync with many apps that many users and target audience in particular, are using. The event page - navigation options, payment and approval page - synchronize with the digital wallet.

image 8.png

illustration of main places amist to user location.

design with minimalist shape and bright colors.

Ui illustration system 


System icons are designed to be simple, rounded line, symmetrical and consistent look

icons 2.png

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