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EL-AL Israel Airlines


El Al is the official airline of Israel, in the last year it has undergone a digitalizations process and is trying to align with the best airlines in the world. El Al wants to enable its customers to make purchases in the most convenient and simple way.






EL-AL Airlines

Aman Ui

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The Challenge

As a result of the change in the company's website, the problem of managing bookings with travel agents has increased. Following on from the redesign process the company is going through to create an order management platform was a necessary step.

I was given the task of characterizing and designing this system, today the agents coordinated with EL AL by telephone or email. We wanted to allow agents to manage and change orders through an order management system.

Most of the inspiration came from the worlds of email and dashboards such as the Israeli Ministry of Welfare, which makes information accessible to people, some of whom are technologically connected and some of whom are not.

The Process

Design b2b ordering platform, easy to manage booking for travel agent.

we start this project with wireframes for test the basic structure of the platform to not spend a lot of time on Ui design.

The main goal is to create something easy customize for users, we keep the visual brand language and lat users make a the changes only by chat.



First we start design for desktop because 

80% of users use this platform from office.

We make chart simple and clean, user can see update about order and see the costume details.


IMAGE 8.png
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The Solution

Characterization of the system by a central chart allows the customer to see a lot of invitations on the initial screen, at the moment technologically El Al can allow changes via chat with a representative.


Then, design and differentiate each of the orders by its most significant change, the statuses. The agent has the opportunity to create a new invitation very intuitively and also to make a change by requesting it on chat and to update the status change in the main table. The main challenge was to allow agents to make a technological transition as opposed to their current behavior.

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Elal_Agnents - Main page new fill Copy.p
Elal_Agnents - Main_page sort.png


After desktop design, we start to created screens to give users option to manage them orders from mobile.

we know that 20% of users use mobile mood, so, we try to able easy flow and similar to desktop. 

Elal_Agnents - Main page filter.png
Elal_Agnents - Main page new.png
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Elal_Agnents - Main page new Copy.png

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