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A startup which established in 2019, Daily is a wellness-specialty company that comes to help people who work in the office space  to change their lifestyles to be healthier and better. Daily believes that any change starts with a small step and the desire is to make small changes by clues scattered in the work spaces and offices.


Brand identity






The Challenge

Creating a brand that comes to help people make healthy changes in their daily lives and accordingly not to create 

antagonism through condescension, the company's main idea is to help people change lives in small steps.

Most clients own startups or, alternatively, joint work spaces that aim for "added value" in workplaces.

The Solution

Creating a brand identity with a focus on happy vibe and using a fun and colorful environment, the main goal is to encourage change and make it happen. The branding strategy is to create a brand with a smile as a metaphor for your office colleague who is smiling at you. And accordingly, we have inspired this figure, the peace and joy we know and would like to be, not the one who wants to change you but the change you want to go through.

Pitch deck presentation

I created a pitch deck for them, custom icons, illustrations, and layout includes useful grid.

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