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Wizard Hotels


A startup that was founded in 2017, the company's main idea is to create a new Ecommerce system in the field of Ecommerce sites, which means to suit the products to the user and allowing them to make a more suitable purchase without endless scrolling. First, focus on hotel sites and then on other areas.


App design



Brand identity


Wizard hotels


Sinay elihay

Zur Rozen

The Challenge

How to make it accessible to the user that we can make the perfect fit for his needs? 

By not prevent the user from the endless scrolling that is very important on eCommerce sites and at the same time 

explain to him about the method and who we are.

Our goal was create brand that help you to find your match hotel for perfect vacation with wizard that let us know our users specifically 

Due to the fact that we want help people find perfect match for them.

our main goal was to lat users option to see the concept and explain them why and how we are.


Based on customer needs, we built the model of screens project.

we start with mobile the main traffic came from mobile users (at the end they checkout from desktop)

When user fill our wizard, he get's the most relevant results.

we base on 3 parameters, perfect match- mean the bast price, value for money and hotel quality.

Lowest prices - base on price and location.

Most popular - base on recommendation, price, location and hotel quality.

The Solution

The UX solution is actually to produce a questionnaire that will not be too intrusive but will still give us information on user preferences in a few simple questions, please note that in the past we asked about 8 questions but reduced them after most users stopped answering 5 questions.


The user Fills out a questionnaire and gets 3 suitable results on the main parameters which he put the focus on during the questionnaire. Also, the homepage mainly shows the activity and idea behind this method and accordingly, allows the user to understand where it came from and what the method is.


It is important to note that the site initially referred the user to the and the purchase was made through another site, later on there is a plan to make the purchase through the current site. As the startup, the work was in the process of trial and error, we used Hotjar to keep track of users and repaired and improved every step that was taken.

Most of users checkout from desktop, temporary we send our costumers to

The next step will be to apply users check out in our website.

During the website design process, we built concept for Wizard Hotels.

first, we define the inspiration of our brand identity :

Metro, Your Line, Wizard.

We combined the familiar shape of a wizard hat and the Metro line.

As a result, we were able to create application of the brand visual identity 

Next project

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